Our Top Beauty Tips

We believe there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman feeling confident in her skin. And our skin can make a huge impact on our confidence. When it’s clear & glowing, we feel infinitely better about ourselves. There’s more spring to our step & we’re more sure of ourselves. We love make up too but we believe make up should enhance our features and not conceal. Here we give our top Beauty Tips to ensure your skin is in its tip top shape at all times.

Put your skin first

Life happens, we have late nights, exhausting long days, some of us may even travel a lot. And these can take a toll on our skin. It’s easy to forget about our skin when we barely have time for any relaxation, by putting our skin first, our skin will thank us later. No matter how late you get home, make sure to always wash your face! Because no amount of makeup will beat the vibrancy of our natural skin.

Make time for yourself

Making time for ourselves to feel beautiful is crucial. Most of us don’t make ourselves a priority. With busy schedules and packed calendars, it can be hard to sneak in some me time. But we’ve got to make some time for ourselves, whether it’s getting a facial, massage or getting our nails done, we’ll feel so much better as we would have filled ourselves up, taking that mandatory me-time will get us glowing in no time. After all we’ve got to love and take care of ourselves first before we’re able to give to others.

Wash your brushes

Don’t forget to wash your brushes! Dirt and bacteria can really build up over time. It can also impede their function, so it’s important to wash and dry your brushes occasionally for the best application of your makeup.

Don’t touch your face

Do you know how much bacteria, dirt, pollution is around? Just because we can’t see it with our eyes doesn’t mean it’s not there! We’re always on our phones, we’re typing away on our computers and maybe pet our dogs/cats and then we touch our face! In turn, we transfer these bacteria onto our face and we wonder why we get those spots. Sometimes it’s a subconscious action, but try your best to stop yourself when you catch yourself doing it.

Stick with it!

We all have different skin types, so if it works for someone, it may not necessarily work for you. So try out different products, and when you find something you love, and you’re skin’s loving it, stick with it, since our skin loves consistency.

Make sure you’re hydrated

This goes for internal as well as external hydration. For external hydration, make sure you use a moisturiser or oil day & night, you may even what to layer it with a serum, this helps your skin to be adequately hydrated. What we eat & drink also relates to the state of our skin. Things like fried food, alcohol & dairy are known skin ruiners. And no one is happy with dry/oily/acne skin, staying hydrated at all times will really improve your skin tone, you’ll be glowing in no time. Eat more hydrating foods & drink more water. We highly recommend drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning.

Go natural

Use organic, natural products as much as you can. Our skin is our largest organ, so whatever we put onto our skin goes directly into our bloodstream.

Eat healthy (as much as possible)

When it comes to healthy choices, preparation is the most important thing you can do. Never skip meals, make sure you have healthy snacks on you for any dips throughout the day – so we don’t end up bingeing on unhealthy food.


We’re meant to move, every single day. We’re not designed to be sedentary. You’ll feel so much better when you add in daily movement. Not only will you feel amazing, you’ll also look better, you’ll be more confident in your skin. Especially with summer around the corner, you’ll want to start showing off your body with backless, strapless tops and dresses (of course with InvisiBra – you’ll be confident in anything you wear!). It doesn’t have to be HIIT and marathons. Find work outs you love, it could be dancing, pilates, yoga etc.

Consistency is key

Whatever your goals are, I know it may be tempting to jump from one thing to another to try the latest new thing. But our body loves consistency. Over a long period of constant good habits, you will see the benefits eventually. Don’t worry about it when you get off it from time to time, long term is what’s important. Stick with it, your body will love you for it.

What are your best Beauty tips?

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