Top Tips for letting Hygge transform your life

Heard of Hygge? It’s highly likely you’ve most definitely noticed the word crop up on the covers of beautifully illustrated books and in the titles of articles, but have you actually stopped and read a little of what it’s all about? Don’t worry, we’re totally guilty of turning a blind eye to this sort of thing too, our brain’s capacity is already overflowing with other need-to-know things! However, trust us when we say, you need to make room in there to learn a little about Hygge. First things first, it’s pronounced ‘hoo-ga’! Who knew?!

Hygge is a Nordic word that describes a feeling of cosiness and content, and adopting this Nordic way of living might just be the heath kick you need right now! Here’s what the Hygge way recommends…

Eat what you like

Yas please! Hygge encourages you to enjoy the things in life without feeling guilty, which most definitely includes indulging in the foods you think you should be avoiding.

Don’t go to the gym

OK, we’re actually living Hygge right now. The hygge mentality encourages you to get outdoors and make the most of nature. Why would you choose to run for 20 minutes (okay 10) inside on a treadmill staring at a wall, when you could be outside taking a walk with you galpal and enjoying the beautiful scenery?!

Relax with a coffee

The Swedish drink the most coffee per person in the entire world, and just look how happy they are! In a recent study it was also revealed that the Swedes are the least stressed nation, followed by the Danish and then the Finnish! Feeling a bit wound up? Take a break, grab a coffee and a cake and chill.

Clear your mind

Explore nature, take in the fresh air and focus. Being in nature will help you switch off from work and the worries of everyday life. Find it and do more of it!

Enjoy a family meal

Eating again – what a winner! Dining Hygge-style means sitting down with your family, around a table, and sharing good food. It’s so important to make time for your loved ones, as it’s incredibly easy to push them aside when life gets a little hectic. Choose a day and make that the day, every week, you spend quality time with your family.

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