U Plunge Bra For Backless Strapless Lift & Support

Plunge outfits can be tricky to wear if you don't have the right boob support. Going braless can be nerve wrecking as well. After all, you don't want to spend the whole time wondering if you're playing peekaboo with the rest of the world. Luckily for you, there are U plunge bras that not only give your boobs coverage, but also lift and support. Because what's the point in wearing traffic stopping outfits if you don't look and feel amazing in them?

How does a U plunge bra work?

Our U plunge bras come in nude and black. They're made of light weight fabric and they consist of 2 sticky cups as well as 2 sticky tabs. The sticky cups are positioned over your boobs and the sticky tabs rest on your side body, to the side of your ribs. This 4 point stick keeps the u plunge bra secure, even if you were to dance. Yes, even wildly we may add. The U plunge bra is for girls who let loose on the dance floor, so you can totally unleash and bust out your best moves.

u pluge bra side view

What can I wear a U plunge bra with?

Anything really! A U plunge bra is backless and strapless, so it's not limited to plunge necklines. Wear it with your strapless boob top or backless halter neck dress. The sky's the limit. TBH, once you have backless stick on bras in your wardrobe, you'll be looking out for outfits to wear it with. Our U plunge bra can be reused multiple times as long as you wash it after each use. It's very low maintenance, it just needs a rinse under tap water to clear the adhesive of dirt. After that, leave the bra to air dry on a flat surface. We recommend keeping the sticky cups covered with the plastic film we provide you with, so that it doesn't collect dust between wears.

What size should I get?

Sizing for a u plunge bra is different to normal bras. For starters, because it's a backless strapless bra, there is no number element to our sizes. To work out what size you need for a u plunge bra, we recommend following our backless bra size guide. If this is your first u plunge bra, you might worry about getting the wrong size. We know it can be daunting to buy something that may not work, so we offer you 28 days free returns (if you're in the UK), so you can return or exchange anything that doesn't fit. Just remember to test for sizing with the plastic film still attached to the cups. As you can imagine, stick on bras are very intimate products, and once they've been applied to skin, we cannot accept returns on them. You wouldn't want to receive an item that was stuck onto someone else's boobs either! All u plunge bras are delivered with plastic films covering the cups, so you can easily test out sizing by pressing the bra to your boobs in front of the mirror.

u plunge bra

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