Undressed Review: V&A Exhibition

Undressed, a new exhibition documenting the evolution of our intimates has opened in the V&A. This is a must for anyone who loves lingerie and fashion. You’ll see how integral underwear has always been to fashion and how it’s design has evolved to reflect the fashions of the day. But what’s more interesting to see is the progression of underwear’s purpose: it started as just a functional, practical garment that was worn for hygiene purposes. These days, lingerie transcends purpose and is often a manifestation of a women’s identity and sexual desires. You wear what you wear because it goes with your outfit or simply because it makes you feel sexy. Lingerie has that power, to lift, not just your assets, but your mood, your confidence.

In the beginning, people wore undergarments (full body suits) that were pretty basic and unflattering. Made with white muslin cloth, completely shapeless, they look more PJ than lingerie at this point. As fashion tastes changed and women wore tighter and more elaborate frocks, the corset and the hoop were born. The hourglass figure became in vogue and it was all about defining the waist. There’s this corset on display that literally takes your breath away: its owner would have had her waist squeezed to a measly 12 inches. I know I’m glad I live in the 21st century where we no longer have to permanently hold our breath in for the sake of beauty.

Aside from the antiques on display, there are plenty of modern designs on show, which serve to remind us that nothing in design is static or stationary. Everything from the engineering of bras to the technical fabrics used are constantly evolving. Consider InvisiBra, 10 years ago, we’d never think such a product would exist. Thanks to forward thinking innovators, the backless bra was born. Who knows what the contents of our lingerie drawers will look in another 10 years?

Win Tickets to the V&A show

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