Care and Washing Your Adhesive Bra To Get Maximum Uses From It
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How do I Wash & Store InvisiBra?

How to wash your invisibra stick on bra
Why should you wash an adhesive bra?

InvisiBra's backless adhesive bras feature skin friendly medical grade adhesive, which is what makes the cup sticky. Every time you apply a stick on bra on your boobs, bits of you get stuck to the adhesive. This is why it's important to wash the cups after each wear. InvisiBra is designed to last multiple wears, so taking a minute to wash the cups is totally worth it.

How to wash an adhesive bra?

Wash your adhesive bra with tap water and mild soap after each use. Do not use alcohol, bleach or other cleaning solutions. Hold the cups under a running tap and use the palm of your hand to clean the cups in a circular motion. Do not machine wash or soak in water. Do not use your fingernails or brush to scratch the surface as this can permanently damage the adhesive. Shake off excess water and air dry by leaving the adhesive facing up. Do not use a towel or machine to dry. Once dried, cover with a lid to prevent dust and fibres to settle on the adhesive and affect its effectiveness.

How to care for your invisibra backless bra

What can interfere with my adhesive bra?

If you use creams, lotions, oils on your body before applying the cups, the stick on bra won't stick. Why? Because moisture from these products would repel the adhesive. What's more, the moisture on the cups will affect the adhesive and future uses unless you get rid of it. If you forgot you had cream on, and apply the cups, rinse the adhesive immediately and let the cups air dry.

Wearing an adhesive bra directly underneath woolly or mohair garments can also affect the adhesive. Fibres from such garments will stick to the side of cups and these are harder to remove. So always wear a camisole or tank top between the bra and the woolly sweater.

Dust is the other culprit that can affect the adhesive on the cups. If you are in the habit of leaving your bra lying around, uncovered after washing, your InvisiBra won't last long. This is because dust settle on the cups. Tiny dust particles can be difficult to wash off, so always cover the adhesive with the plastic covers it comes with. If you've lost the covers, use a bit of cling film or saran wrap to cover the cups.

How should I store my adhesive bra?

To protect the adhesive as much as possible, we advise you to store your adhesive bra, either in the box it came with, or using a bra storage case. If you're travelling with Invisibra, definitely protect it during transit, as pressure from other items in your case can change the shape of your InvisiBra. Our bra storage case can store up to 3 pairs of adhesive bras. If you're looking to get our bra storage bag, you can get it in a bundle at 20% off. View all our bra storage case bundles.

What do I do with my adhesive bra if it doesn't stick anymore?

An adhesive bra doesn't last forever. If the adhesive doesn't feel sticky anymore, then it's time to dispose of it and get a new backless bra. Choose between our lifting backless bra, backless push up bra and plunge backless bra.

Lifting Backless Bra
Backless Push Up Bra
Plunge Backless Bra

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