How To Wear Stick On Bra Cups For Proper Lift & Support
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How To Wear InvisiBra

Stick on bra cups are unique

If you think you would wear a backless bra just like a normal bra, then think again. Without straps and dealing with two separate cups means that wearing a backless bra isn't as straight forward as a normal strappy bra. But that doesn't mean it's complicated. Like everything in life, it just takes a few practice runs to get it right! Take the time to read this guide, understand a few things about backless bras and you'll be a master in no time. This guide applies to our lifting backless bra and backless push up bras. Now, lets get started.

Moisture will make your stick on bra cups slip

The biggest enemy of adhesive bras, is moisture. If you're in the habit of applying creams and lotions on your body after showers, you'll need to remind yourself not to on the days you wear your backless bra. Other products that won't do your stick on bra cups any favours are: body oils, perfumes, glitter, self tan, sunscreen and makeup. The best thing to do is to take a shower. But if you're in a rush, you can simply wet your boob, then dry with a towel. You can apply all the products we listed above, after you've stuck the cups on.

What to do with stick on bra cups?

A stick on backless bra from Invisibra is made of two separate cups that need to be applied one at a time. If you attempt to put the stick on bra cups on together, without undoing the clip, you're in a for a struggle. What's more, you're going to get a weird pancake shape. So let's unhook that clip and put them on one by one ok? After getting the cups where you want them, you clip them together in the centre. How you position the cups will determine how much support and what shape you get. In the beginning, position the cups in front a mirror so you can see what you're doing. Flip the cup outward, and hold the cup by the edge.

How to position your stick on bra cups for lift

If you position the cups horizontally, which is what your natural instinct would tell you to do, you'd get pancake boobs. What's a pancake boob? Unsupported, un-lifted boobs is what we call pancake boobs. So fight every instinct that tells you the bra needs to go on horizontally and remember that a stick on bra ain't a normal bra and position the cups vertically. That's right, you heard me. You position the cups, one at a time with the clips pointing down to the floor.

how to wear stick on bra cups, position cups vertically
How to wear invisibra stick on bra cups step 2
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How to position your stick on bra cups for a fuller look

If you want your boobs to be brought together for a fuller look, just position the stick on bra cups further away from each other. The further the clips are away from each other, the more boobalicious the result.

How to actually stick the bra cups on

You've got the flipped out cup in your hand and the position of the bra cups in sight, now on to actually sticking them on. Stick the cups from the bottom part of your boob upwards, lifting your boob, before sticking the top part. This will maximise the lift you get from the stick on bra cups. Smooth the cups onto your boob to ensure all the edges are stuck onto your boob. If there are gaps or you need to readjust the positioning, just peel the bra off and try again. Don't worry about washing it before reattempting. The adhesive will last a few practice runs.

How to clip the stick on bra cups together

The clips slide into each other at a 90 degree angle. Hold the left clip in your left hand. Hold the right clip to form an inverted "L" shape to the left clip. Position the bottom of the right clip at the top of the left clip, there’s a grove on the left clip for the right clip to slide down. Keep the right clip at right angles until the clip is fully in, then snap it horizontally to close the clasp. Press each cup firmly to secure the hold.

How to remove the stick on bra cups

Gently peel the stick on bra cups from top to bottom. Don't worry, it's nothing like ripping off a bandaid. It just feels like the bra is gently peeling off. The cups won't leave any residue on your skin either. Now, it's important to wash the stick on bra cups to ensure it remains sticky for your next outing. Rinse the cups at your bathroom sink. Don't use anything sharp on the adhesive, that includes your nails. Let the cups air dry on a table and then store them away to prevent dust from settling on the cups. Get more information on washing your adhesive bra.

Common FAQ

What if I can't get any cleavage from the bra cups?

It's likely that the size of the cups are too big. Check out our information on bra sizing and if possible, measure yourself according to our guide on how to measure bra size.

I hate having cleavage, how do I get a natural shape without cleavage?

Position the cups closer together. You could also go a little more horizontal with the cup positioning. Just a little though, otherwise you'll get pancake boobs!

Can I keep the stick on bra cups separate while wearing it?

Yes, you can but you wouldn't get the benefit of the shape and support InvisiBra offers you. It would be better if you bought a plunge backless bra instead.

I can't get the clip to work!

Sometimes it's tricky the first time you're putting on the stick on bra cups. Take the cups off and practice doing it before putting the cups back on.

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