Why Beautiful Lingerie Can Empower You

People ask us why we created InvisiBra, why we wanted to revolutionise a commonly seen as a functional product (backless strapless adhesive bra) that is sometimes referred to chicken fillets to something beautiful. It’s because InvisiBra was made for women by women. We wanted to create something for the modern woman, where she doesn’t have to choose between functionality, comfort and beauty. Lingerie needs to make you feel good and look good. We truly believe in the power of beautiful lingerie and the importance of celebrating femininity.

Female empowerment involves making women feel good for being a woman. Wearing beautiful lingerie allows women to feel unapologetically feminine. Some people mistaken that just because we like to look good, dress ourselves with feminine, pretty clothing, that undermines feminism. But we think that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If we look at history, men have suppressed female sexuality in every culture, even to this day, it still happens. We are told to cover up and are called names if we don’t adhere to the rules. We believe all women should dress how they like all the time, whether they want to cover up or not. Just because we want to flaunt our bodies, dress ourselves up with feminine clothing and beautiful lingerie, it doesn’t make us any less of a feminist. We’re all for the celebration of the female body and the desire to dress ourselves up with the most beautiful things.

Celebrate your femininity everyday

We believe that beautiful lingerie doesn’t have to be for anyone but ourselves. And why reserve your beautiful lingerie for special occasions? Why not celebrate your femininity everyday? To only reserve it for special occasions is like telling yourself that you only deserve to feel amazing once in a while. Wearing beautiful lingerie isn’t about men. It’s about claiming our feminine power. This is important because we live in such a masculine world. If you have to show that side of yourself at work, wearing lovely lingerie underneath lets you embrace the power of femininity. And when we feel feminine, we tap into that magnetic feminine power of ours.

It’s time to fall in love with your life and yourself by choosing to dress with love and care. So, indulge in some beautiful lingerie and let it transform your world.

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