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We, the creators of InvisiBra are fashion lovers and we developed InvisiBra in response to the demands of our wardrobe – sometimes the fashion we want to wear require a more innovative approach to lingerie. The thought of exposing the back of a bra while wearing a backless dress sent shudders down our spine, but going braless wasn’t an option either, our breasts wanted and needed support. We looked at what was available on the market and couldn’t find one we were satisfied with, so we set out to develop one ourselves.

Using cutting edge technology, InvisiBra is made of silicon with a layer of skin friendly adhesive, making it easy to apply and stays on securely all day and night. What’s more, InvisiBra satisfies a woman’s need for beauty, all our bras are objects of desire with exquisite lace and luxurious fabrics because who says practical lingerie solutions have to be plain and dull? So whether you’re looking for more freedom in the fashion you wear (hello backless tops!) or joining women everywhere who are embracing InvisiBra as their daily bra, for every occasion, there is InvisiBra.