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I had my doubts about ordering a strapless stick-on bra, but having read all the reviews, the Invisibra was the one I opted to purchased, and I'M SOOOO PLEASED I DID, IT IS FANTASTIC!
I wore it to the races on a very hot day and I totally forgot it was there, fitted perfectly and comfortably and NEVER moved all day. FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!

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I am quite big busted and absolutely cannot go without a bra but had bought a dress without thinking and loved it so much I HAD to find a way. I made a couple of expensive mistakes with finding other stick on bras and was nervous about making another one but had no alternative. Well this worked! I was nervous about ending up kicking a 'chicken fillet' around the dance floor but I am happy to report that this bra really did the job and stuck fast - and it looked really sexy too.

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Omg THE best stick on bra I've ever had! So comfortable, stickiness is just great, I never even touch it when I've got it on to fix it because it just sits prefect all day and night long! Feels like I don't have a bra on.

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I have been looking for a bra to wear with my backless dress! I stumbled across the InvisiBra website and thought I’d give them a go! This item was fantastic, easy to put on and it stayed where it should all night! Even with me dancing like a looney! I will definitely be recommending this company and the bra to everyone I know!

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About Invisibra

InvisiBra is the strapless backless bra that will make you look and feel like a super star. It’s everything you want from a bra and more. It delivers lift, shape and support that’s comfortable and reassuring to wear. It’s got a powerful but skin friendly adhesive. Our backless bra stays on all day and night, even when you’re party hopping in Ibiza or L.A. So throw your hands up in the air and dance the night away, without worrying about your boobs, nipples or bra straps.

Beautiful lingerie can be a ray of sunshine on a dull and dreary day. That’s why we set out to fully harness the power of lingerie and offer lace backless bras. Practical underwear solutions shouldn’t have to be plain or boring. It can be exciting, exquisite and enticing too! So you can feel beautiful and proud in it when you strip off. If you’re in the mood for a matching lingerie set, our backless bra comes with matching undies.

Not the first, but the best backless bra

We didn’t invent the backless bra. No, backless bras were already around when we came onto the scene. But what wasn’t around, were quality backless bras. What we found with existing backless bras were that they didn’t do a very good job at staying on. Which meant that they were stick on bras that didn’t stick! So we set out to reinvent the wheel, to make the best backless bra out there. We spent two years on product development and haven’t stopped investing on improving the product. To find out more about our journey, check out our story.

A backless bra for ever babe

Because babes and boobs come in different shapes and sizes, we offer 3 types of InvisiBra. Whichever style you go for, our backless bra takes care of all the fun outfits you can wear.

Lifting backless bra is best for those with bigger boobs or those looking for a natural shape. The cups are light weight with slight padding, giving you the most lift. Our backless push up bras give you a boost and extra volume for that va va voom look. The cups are heavily padded at the base to push your boobs up, giving you a more rounded shape. A nude backless bra is perfect to wear under delicate fabrics. Choose between 3 colours to match your skin tone. A plunge backless bra gives you support in that cut to the waist neckline. If you’re wearing a backless bra for a wedding dress or special event, why not get a matching set? A lace bra and matching undies never fails to make us feel like we’ve got super powers.

Whatever style you go for, don’t forget to check out our sizing advice. Because Babe, if you want to get the most out of your InvisiBra, you got to wear the right size. That said, sizing isn’t complicated, just remember this rule: Go small not big. The smaller the cup, the better the lift. Now, let me take you to browse my goodies!

A backless bra for every babe

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